.....My writing is part of the philosophy that pushes me in the course of my plastic work.

.....Not long ago I decided to start "giving rein" to the words implied.

.....Having discovered that art "feeds" (though it doesn't necessarily provide food), I was induced to follow a little sidewalk full of surprises leading to the world of arts. As a consequence, ever since the years 70, I have been exclusively dedicated to sculpture.

.....The tortuous voyage that stitched my life together, when surviving was supposed to be "passing between silences and shadows" - as a paradox - enormously enriched me.

.....In plastic arts I found the language that permitted me to express myself with freedom, thanks to the intimate support of words. Previously I had a romance with Euterpe and other Muses, with whom I keep maintaining a purely epistolar relationship.

.....I am not a writer, only an "Indian" with his backsack full of "richnesses" that I want to share, either cutting them up or modeling them.

                                                                                 Jorge Castro Flórez

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