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.....In Uruguay, in the mid-sixties, Jorge initiates his work with copper. His evolution with this material adds the perspective of murals to his work.

.....As a muralist, his work reaches sizes exceeding 4 meters and during this process he experiences the functionality of the objects created. He will create unique tables, which allow a game of chess, chairs, and kitchen accessories.

.....His work as a muralist using copper becomes a prelude to his full dedication to bronze.

cobre intro

Taller-Estudio de Jorge Castro Flórez


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                                        mural cobre - 1 p            mural cobre  - 7 p                                        
mural cobre - 3 p mural cobre - 4 p
mural cobre - 5 p mural cobre - 6 p
mural cobre - 2 p  mural cobre  8 p

Objetos funcionales

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