Jorge Castro Flórez

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Symphony of Absences

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 ..   .............

.....Sculpture realised by the artist in Marble, 2,20 m. high, during the development of which, in the decade of the nineties, the artist realises a series of music-related proposals.

.....He experiments in different materials (bronze, clay, marble, cupper en stone), and, in an anotation he called "capricho sonoro", he departs from their proper sounds on the anvil.

.....He even gets to realize musical instruments that produce involving sounds by the contact of the metal with water.

 Music and sculpture, because of their
common origin, are inseparable and.
in their evolution they approach to.. 
each other in proportion as human...
beings get to discover their common
   essence: time, form, space, structure,
movement, harmony, rythm, colour.
silence and emotion........................

                                  Jorge Castro Flórez



guitarra universidad alicante pWork exhibited at the University of Alicante (Spain) 


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                                          guitarra d pguitarra f pguitarra e p           
guitarra a p guitarra b p guitarra c p
Transfer and restoration. Year 2011.

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                                           agost feria d pagost feria e p          

agost feria a p agost feria c p agost feria b p

Work exhibited  as photocall at the X Craft and Gastronomy Fair of Agost (Alicante-Spain)


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