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.....Perhaps due to genetics, my progress in the field of visual arts was developed in close connection with metals. Whether using direct techniques (embossing, carving, engraving...) or indirect methods (casting, particularly in bronze), I was alert in my quest for the knowledge of all the stages that are required to master certain skills and professions.

.....In 1999, to accompany the work Asentamiento (to settle), I sought for new inspiration in the world of sailing. I found the source that led to the creation of this collection. Except for ''Cabos sueltos'' (Loose Ends)', all works fully or partially represent specific knots.

.....The knots convey images of solidarity and support, links that are meant to be strengthen, the will and understanding between two or more parties, the convergence of views and even the potential conclusion of agreements or deals.

.....The tear caused by forced displacement makes humans fill their saddlebags with components of the cultures in which they lived, creating symbols that reflect experiences to share and relate to others; bonds that act as a link between different fragments of each others existence.

.....But perhaps the most attractive element of any knot is that particular magnetism that invites us to make an imaginary journey through the history of man and stop wherever we think the desire to join two elements and go beyond ourselves originates.

.....This collection has been envisioned mainly in wrought iron, combining knowledge and adding a personal concept to this art. To achieve this, I have enjoyed the generous spirit and expert arm of D. Roman Francisco Agulló, "El Pino" Master Forger.


 Francisco Román Agulló "El Pino" and the Artist

homenaje a chillida

Collection of 30 scultures in different sizes, realized in wrought iron as from Dicember 1999, particularly based on sailor's knots.

- Size small and medium: Iron of 16 mm thick

- Size medium and big: Iron of 40 mm thick 

                                  Bronze statue of 1,60 m.

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