Jorge Castro Flórez

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Image of the Full Municipal Council, chaired by Mayor Juan José Castelló and the Councillors of Agrupación Independiente de Agost - Compromis, of the Socialist Party and of the Partido Popular.


.....On June 26th last the Full Municipal Council approved unanimously the proclamation of Adopted Son.

.....Thus was promoted the memory of Jorge Castro Flórez, who throughout his creative period, and in his numerous exhibitions in Europe and America, in catalogues and presentations referred to, and declared belonging to the town that now honours him.

.....The Artist of Asturian offspring, born in Barcelona, and having lived in France, Uruguay and Canada, took around the name of Agost in all his artitstic interventions.

.....This recognition narrows the link between the sculptor and the town of Agost, adding his person and his memory to the Cultural Heritage of this community of the Province of Alicante.

.....Periplo, Group of Management and Communication of Jorge Castro Flórez' Work, publicly pronounces its gratitude towards all of the councellors who unanimously raised their hands to approve this well-deserved recognition.


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