Jorge Castro Flórez

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.....Memory's whims situated him in the craziest places. From the seventh basement he extracted a great amout of scents, mixed with innumerable meaningless objects; such as an emormous scoop in a mature and steaming dump. 

.....Patiently he tried to match all these things, associating the scents with memories that also emerged in an involuntary way. Thus he modeled remnants of his past and putting them together, carefully making them match, he manufactured a beautiful bllanket with which he tried to cover that period. 

.....Already with his foot decidedly on the insecure road of the future, a yearned for hand posed on his shoulders the sideral cloak full of holes, at the moment that he felt warmth on his cheek.

.....And he cried, he cried for a measureless time, letting his dried tears, with tones of amaranth, form a rigid armor, until protecting, completely, that happy tenderness, fruit of the love she gave him... and let the cloak at the side of the road.

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